Sanitation Technologies

A Division Of Anderson Chemical Company

Meat & Poultry Industry

Stringent health standards necessitate specialized cleaner and a "complete" sanitation program to ensure food quality.  Anderson has a full-line of cleaners/sanitizers and knowledgable service and field tech personnel to establish customized sanitation programs for our customers.  Anderson's commitment is to assist our customers with the production of the highest quality food products.

Meat & Poultry Industry Info Sheets

Product Line- Meat

General/& Environmental Cleaners & Sanitizers

  • Manual Cleaners
  • Self-Foam Cleaners
  • Pressure Washers Cleaners
  • Environmental Sanitizers
Good housekeeping is important to maintain clean working areas and to control foul odors and growth of microorganisms. Control pathogens, coliform, on floors and equipment; control mold in coolers and processing areas—including walls.
  • Foam clean inside and outside of shell egg washers, underneath equipment, floors, walls, etc. using a self-foaming chlorinated cleaner.
  • Brush drains with a foaming cleaner, rinse, and sanitize.
  • Use mild detergents for the grading machine area. Acid descalers may be periodically needed on grading rollers.
  • Use an effective product like Rub Out, in floor scrubbers.
  • General Plant Cleaning

Personal Care

  • Hand Cleaners
  • Hand Cleaner - Sanitizers
  • Hand No-Rinse Sanitizer
  • Hand Dips