Water Management

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Treatment Solutions

WasteWater Effluent Treatment Programs

Clarification Flocculates are used in improving the clarity of discharge water. These products are available in a wide range charges and molecular weights. By matching these to your the needs of your system, you can achieve large improvements in clarity or discharge waters.

GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approved products can be used in many applications where the treated waste is intended for reuse in animal feed or is to be sent to a rendering facility. We have a complete line of GRAS approved waste treatment chemistries.

Sludge Dewatering polymers are used to optimize the performance of centrifuges, belt presses and other dewatering equipment. Using these products can maximize solids capture and greatly reduce disposal costs due to excess water.

Dissolved Air Flotation polymers and coagulants are designed to maximize your DAF performance.  Anderson can help you optimize the performance of your DAF and provide the lowest possible BOD/COD/TSS discharge by proper use of these products.

Bioaugmentation consists of specially designed bacteria and enzymes capable of enhancing waste breakdown. They improve efficiencies and are available for many different operations. Bioaugmentation can help with odor control, BOD removal, nitrification, phosphate discharge and other problem areas.

Metal Removal coagulants and flocculants will precipitate the metals and floc them together to assure the lowest possible discharge.