Water Management

A Division Of Anderson Chemical Company

About Us

Anderson was established in 1911 and is a family owned company.  We develop and maintain Water Management programs for boilers, cooling systems, process water, and wastewater systems.  The consistent and committed company attitude toward improving the product line, service capabilities and customer relationships is the most impressive attribute of the entire company.  There is an ongoing program of product and program developments.

Just the Right Service
Anderson’s Sales Representatives and Technical Support Staff are dedicated professionals who average over 15 years of experience in the water management business.  This experience and longevity assures long-term consistent results that translate well to your bottom line.

Just the Right Program
Anderson is committed to providing innovative, safe and effective programs.... programs designed to meet the present and future needs of the industries we serve.  With a trained and experienced technical staff, excellent supplier and industry relationships, the company efficiently and effectively addresses customer problems and opportunities concerning regulatory compliance, safety and quality issues.  Competency in the field and laboratory is highly regarded by the industry, customers and vendors.

Just the Right Solutions
Anderson has spent nearly 30 years providing cost-effective answers to challenges within the Water Management industry. Innovative products, application know-how, customer education and comprehensive Water Management Programs result in the right solutions.  Good relationships are developed over time and through trust.  People, programs and service make Anderson just the right company with....  Just the Right Chemistry.