Water Management

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Treatment Solutions

Boiler Water Programs

Boiler Internal Treatments are specifically formulated to match your make-up water.  All of our boiler products are designed to prevent scale, metal corrosion and provide metal passivation.  Anderson’s boiler product line uses the most advanced dispersant polymer technology available.*

Feed Water Oxygen Scavengers provide maximum corrosion protection.  We have a full line of these products to match up with your systems specific design.

Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors are designed to protect metal surfaces from the corrosive action of low pH return condensate. The proper use of these products will reduce maintenance time in your condensate return system and will reduce the amount of iron being returned to the boiler.  Anderson has a complete line of neutralizing amine blends and a filming inhibitor which is safe to use in food manufacturing plants.

Pretreatment System Chemicals are used in maintaining your mechanical pretreatment equipment, which includes products to clean softener resin.   Also included is our liquid RO cleaning products, a first of it’s kind when released in the industry.  We also have anti-scalants to optimize reverse osmosis equipment performance.

*Many of the above products have FDA, USDA and Kosher certifications.