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Chlorine Dioxide Generator

The CLOGen II unit is a < 1 to 150 pound per day chlorine dioxide (ClO2) generator. It is inherently safe due to the fact that an eductor is used to drive the generation”when, and only when, water is flowing to the generator. When flow stops, or falls too low, all generation stops, and stops immediately.

Solenoid valves are the only moving parts. The Teflon wetable surfaces and guaranteed 2 million operations result in a system which is virtually maintenance free... no “O” rings to change, no tubing to replace, no cartridges, no filters or other media to replace.

The fixed orifices are sized so that the ClO2 solution generated varies from about 500 to just over 1000 mg/L (ppm) ClO2, depending upon motive water flow, thus insuring safe generation. The design prevents production of a solution greater than about 1200 mg/L ClO2 .  All components have been selected to be compatible with ClO2 and the precursors.  Applications:

-Disinfecting drinking water
-Sweetwater/Ice bank bacterial control
-Bacterial control in cooling water
-Odor control in wet scrubbers
-Bacterial control in paper processing
-Sanitizing uncut fruits and vegetables
-Bacterial control of cut fruits and vegetables
-Controlling bacteria in produce flume water and dump tanks
-Controlling bacteria in poultry processing
-Controlling bacteria in beverage and brewing equipment
-Sanitizing food processing facilities and equipment
-THM and HAA control in drinking water
-Destruction of a variety of undesirable chemicals:
-Odor control by the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide and organo-sulfur compounds
-Toxic chemical destruction by the oxidation of phenols and mercaptans
-Oxidative color removal and bleaching