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Cooling Water Programs

Cooling Tower System Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors provide superior inhibition in scale and corrosion in any water.  We match the specific products to perfectly meet the needs of your system. The cooling tower product line will increase efficiency and prolong equipment life.

Oxidizing Biocides.   Anderson is and has been on the forefront of Chlorine Dioxide in this and other industries. Chlorine Dioxide is the world’s most effective biocide and using it in cooling towers allows it to work at its best.  We also use the latest bromine products to provide advanced protection against biofilms and pathogens that can rob efficiency, shorten equipment life and increase liability to Legionnaire’s disease.

Non-Oxidizing Biocides are great additions to a program and we have all the latest technologies in this area.  We match the specific biocide to each system and take into account a number of other factors such as, discharge regulations, equipment design and the types of bacteria that are in your water. 

Closed Loop Treatments optimize the corrosion protection and prolong piping life. We match the chemistry to the specific needs of your system. The proper product is based on metallurgy of system, water quality and other process requirements.