Water Management

A Division Of Anderson Chemical Company

Industries Served


Anderson can customize a program with your facilities staff to maximize your water process use. By doing this you can optimize each process, achieving the lowest possible cost.  We can also ensure environmental regulations compliance to your wastewater, thus reducing your discharge costs and liability.

Whether your process is simple or complex, we will provide on-site service and leading edge technology that will make a difference.  Specialized services include:
    -  Customized bulk and mini bulk systems which means no chemical handling
    -  More efficient systems means reduced energy costs
    -  Better control means longer equipment life and lower maintenance costs
    -  Boiler and Cooling Efficiency Analysis
    -  Boiler shut down programs specifically designed to prevent corrosion
    -  Extensive Operator Training Programs
    -  ACCOWT.com Web-Based Operator Test Logging
    -  Closed Loop Analysis program
    -  Corrosion testing program
    -  Legionella testing program