Sanitation Technologies

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Meat & Poultry Industry

Stringent health standards necessitate specialized cleaner and a "complete" sanitation program to ensure food quality.  Anderson has a full-line of cleaners/sanitizers and knowledgable service and field tech personnel to establish customized sanitation programs for our customers.  Anderson's commitment is to assist our customers with the production of the highest quality food products.

Meat & Poultry Industry Info Sheets

Program Applications- Meat

Environmental Programs

BEFORE.  This picture shows how soiled the cheese making area can become during the course of production.  AFTER.   The following picture shows the excellent results achieved in another system after introduction of the Anderson program.

Potable Water Control

Anderson provides the latest in safe, highly efficacious chlorine dioxide technology.  Chlorine dioxide will improve your potable water program versus chlorine.  We have improved COW water control from TNTC (out-of-control) to consistently <10 cfu/ml.

AFTER.  Anderson’s systems are safe, easy, effective, and economical.

Enryway Sanitizing Programs

BEFORE.  Entryway Foam or Floor Mat Footwear Sanitizing – Do your results look like one of these – tracking dirty water or having a poor foam mat with little to no coverage? AFTER.  Anderson can improve your facility entryway bacterial barrier with the latest technology giving you the best sanitizing performance and surface coverage possible. We have new and innovative foam sanitizing products, complementing the equipment technology.


Manual Plant Cleaning Programs

BEFORE.  Do you need improvements in your environmental and equipment exterior cleaning and sanitizing? We can transform a disorganized labor-intensive practice to “Best Practices”. AFTER.  This is one small example of Anderson’s manual chemical dispensing system improving operations on the plant floor.  Anderson custom design-builds equipment for your facility.

Foam Cleaning

Anderson designs portable, wall-mount and central cleaning and sanitizing systems for the meat/poultry industry.  Properly engineered systems provide effective results, accurate product usage control and convenient application methods.